The 19th CCM meeting will be held on Monday, 26 August 2013 and 11th NEAT Annual Conference on the following day - Tuesday, 27 August 2013.

To download the tentative program of the meeting, please click here.


NEAT Malaysia will be hosting the 18th NEAT Country Coordinators Meeting (CCM) on April 25, 2013 in Penang, Malaysia. Different working groups will be presenting and discussing their reports in the CCM.

The tentative programme and the concept papers to be presented during the meeting may be viewed or downloaded by clicking the links below:

Tentative Programme

Concept Paper for a Special Study Group on the Report of the East Asia Vision Group II by NEAT Malaysia

Social Welfare Policies in East Asia: Sharing Experiences for a New Ground of Regional Cooperation by NEAT Indonesia and Singapore

Connectivity Cooperation in East Asia by NEAT China


The China Foreign Affairs University will be hosting the 17th NEAT Country Coordinators Meeting (CCM) and the 10th Annual Conference (AC) on the 27th and 28th of August 2012. Different working groups will be presenting and discussing their reports in the CCM. The theme for the conference will be " Deepening East Asian Integration through Building Trust". APT cooperation and mutual trust building will be highlighted in separate sessions of the AC.



     Officially recognized at the “10+3" summit meeting, Network of East Asian Think-tanks (NEAT) is a mechanism for research and academic exchange, and a platform for the second-track diplomacy in the regional cooperation among “10+3" countries in East Asia. It aims at integrating the research resources in East Asia, promoting the academic exchanges and providing intellectual support for East Asian cooperation. To be more specific, by establishing a network among East Asian think-tanks, governments and enterprises and promoting the interaction of these three circles, it intends to study the key issues related to East Asian cooperation, work out strategic ideas and concrete policy suggestions for the regional integration and submit research reports to the “10+3" summit meeting.